All readers are welcome encouraged to comment on posts, other comments,  etc.

When you comment for the first time, you will be required to register as a user with your email, etc.
All comments from new users go into the moderation queue by default. After I have approved your first comment for publication, any subsequent comments you write under that name will appear immediately.

So far, I have approved all comments that are not obviously SPAM.
I have hesitated on a couple that appeared to be simple commercial links, but in general, I will take a look at the linked site, and if there is some relevance to the post being commented upon, I tend to approve them eventually. However I reserve the right to render my own opinion on the product.

I generally will approve comments as written. The only editing I have done to date are to clean up some spelling or typos. That is the only editing I am inclined to do.

I have not, so far, encountered anything but positive or constructive statements, and I hope that trend continues. However I recognize the possibility that in the heat of a perceived debate, attention may shift from the topic to characterizing another person, or someone may post something offensive, or just plain stupid. In those cases I will take a case-by-case approach. In general, if a comment otherwise has merit, I will email you and ask you to edit the parts that detract from your message prior to approval.

Keep in mind that comments are public. Your email is not published, but whatever “Name” you enter will be visible. If you are not comfortable with your employer reading something you post here, then I suggest either you don’t, or if you do, that you create a username and don’t use your work email. If you want to say something to me that you don’t want the Google bot to find, use the Contact Mark link on the sidebar. That sends an email directly to me.