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Consult on your site.

  • A day can provide valuable and actionable tips and insights.

    “I’ll not pretend that a couple of hours on a Friday night several years ago was all it took … but it was truly a life changing event.”

    “One day is long because there is so much information I gathered. On the other hand I would love to work with Mark for a couple of days to really DO something with him.”

    “Thanks for your visit. You really opened my eyes!”

  • A week can set things into motion.
  • “Mark is patient…and relentless.

  • A long-term engagement will anchor core changes in the way the organization thinks by developing people’s skills.

    “Mark was a valued colleague who taught me the real meaning of “lean” and how to use it to create real value for the company. A great friend and teacher.”

Work with your team to develop deeper understanding.

  • Help you gain the most from study missions, off-site sessions and benchmarking trips. Turn the experience of others into your own sense of shared understanding of how it will work for you.

    “Mark was a great contributor to the Lean Healthcare Study Tour for Dutch health care providers. When participants thought they had understood the tools of continuous improvement and Lean, they were ‘blown away’ by the lecture of Mark. It took them to the next level of Lean behavior and thinking.”

  • Explicitly link your organizations situation and needs to the core mindset and thinking behind all improvement approaches, no matter what they are called. Lean, x-Sigma, Theory of Constraints, TQM, TPM, etc.
  • Get beyond the buzzwords and jargon and really understand what “engaging the workforce” means to drive true improvements to your bottom line every day, not just during “events.”

    “These people work together in a fundamentally different way.”

Speak to groups and events.

  • Get a tailored, meaningful message that engages through stories, anecdotes and dialog and will leave people thinking.

    I am reading my notes over and over again and every time I get more inspired and renewed about applying Lean in my organization.”

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