Professional Profile

Mark is an experienced lean manufacturing / quality director and manager with over twenty years of implementing continuous improvement in diverse organizations.

He brings deep understanding of the Toyota Production System and proven ability to see any organization’s potential, cut to the core issues, gain “buy-in” and get things moving by engaging the entire team to develop solutions that impact the bottom line.

He is a change agent who facilitates the process of discovery to quickly make an impact on the way people think.

He can help:

Harness the power of daily kaizen to achieve specific strategic business objectives. He works with the team to build daily management systems that drive process improvement every day, not just during special events.

Structure kaizen events to embed the system, so that the results not only sustain, but improve over time.

Maximize learning events and study missions for leadership teams that solidify a specific common vision of the possibilities, and what must be done to get there.

Integrate ERP / MRP with pull systems, ultimately moving daily scheduling and execution to the shop floor.

Develop suppliers to integrate the entire supply chain into a single enterprise focused on the customer.

These things are not limited to manufacturing. Any type of organization where people work together to get something done can move to higher levels of performance. True kaizen goes beyond the dogmatic application of cookbook tools. It is about developing a shared, uniform understanding of the organizational imperatives so the energy and creativity of every team member can be focused to accomplish them.

Mark gets results by coaching team members to discover solutions, rather than just telling them what to do. This leads to better solutions, better team members, and a chance for the big win: daily improvement driven by team members.

“If it wasn’t for the fact we already did it, we would have said it’s impossible.”

“This team could put a man on Mars.”

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