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This page is intended to provide some useful information based on recurring search engine terms that bring people to this site.

A bit of trivia: As of today, the terms “shingijutsu” “heijunka” and “visual control” account for about 35% of the Google searches that get clicked through to this site.

Information and links for Shingijutsu

Types of waste

Muda, Muri, Mura

These are three Japanese words which translate, in the TPS context, more or less to:
Muda: Waste
Muri: “Overburden” or “Unreasonableness” – in short, asking someone to do something which he should not have to do, or which cannot be done.
Mura: “Inconsistency” or “Unevenness” – wildly varying the workload, introducing instability into the process (usually from external factors).

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