Greetings from Nagoya

I hopped over the water this morning from Beijing to Nagoya. More about that later. But I can say it is just a bit of sticker shock to travel from one of the least expensive places to one of the most expensive places in the span of 2 1/2 hours. Ah, the miracle of jet travel I guess.

So what am I doing here? My company has seen fit to ask me to attend the Shingijutsu “Global Kaizen Seminar” this week. Actually this is my third time through this – first time in 1998, then 2000, and now. I will be commenting on it as internet connectivity allows. One thing that is different this time around, however – previous visits have included a second week of touring various Japanese Shingijutsu clients. That seems to have dropped off, though I expect I know why. The “shop floor kaizen” event now ends on Thursday, and we stuff a tour of Toyota and the Toyota Museum in on Friday.

Thats all for now – more later as things unfold on Monday.