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“No Question…Sketch!”

One of the more famous tools taught by Chihiro Nakao of Shingijutsu fame is to direct the learner to observe an operation and “sketch the flows.” Another Time Ideas article by Anne Murphy Paul, How to Increase Your Powers of Observation, validates Nakao’s instinct. She makes the distinction between casual observation that we all do, […]

How The Sensei Teaches

In a previous post, I talked about Steven Spear’s observation about how a sensei saw a process and the problems. Jeffery Liker, Mike Hoseus and David Meier have done a good job capturing how a sensei teaches and summed it up in a diagram in the book Toyota Culture. (for those of you following at […]

Team Preparation for a Shingijutsu Seminar

If you are planning on attending (or sending people to) a Shingijutsu Seminar, I have a word of wisdom: Prepare. Just sending people cold and expecting great things from the experience will, at best, give you a fraction of the potential learning. At worst it can turn people off completely. Here is a little advice: […]

Thoughts from Nagoya: Japan, Toyota, Shingijutsu

This last road trip was 3+ weeks in China, then a week at the Shingijutsu seminar in Japan. It was a little fortunate for me since I was the only member on our team who was not suffering from 8-12 hours of jet lag. As I noted at the start of the Shingijutsu Seminar series, […]

Shingijutsu Kaizen Seminar Day 5 – Toyota Museum, Toyota Tour

Friday was a visit to the Toyota Museum in the morning and the “1 hour tour” of the Tsutsumi assembly plant in the afternoon. Toyota Museum If you ever get to Nagoya, the Toyota Museum is superb and definitely worth a visit. Even if you have no interest at all in lean manufacturing (so why […]

Shingijutsu Kaizen Seminar – Day 4

Today was the final report-out. In these events this is quite ritualized. Each team has a takt time, and must present a standard work combination sheet that shows the flow of their presentation. Everyone must participate in the presentation. There is a general set sequence for what is shown first, second, third, etc. Because we […]

Shingijutsu Gemba Kaizen Seminar – Kaizen Key Points

The last post was a bit of a narrative, and I think it is appropriate to call out a few key points and express them succinctly. The theoretical stuff all emphasizes “initial process stability” as a requirement for progress. Ohno said “without standards there can be no kaizen.” Mark says – “Without parts there can […]

Shingijutsu Kaizen Seminar – Day 3

Yesterday I told you the plan for today. Here is what really happened. We got the even pitch going for a while. I was at the front of the line releasing units down the line as the pre-build Team Member was done with them. I was watching distance (since distance = time on a moving […]

Shingijutsu Kaizen Seminar – Day 2

The day today ended about 10 pm. It is 11 pm now as I write this, which translates to 7 am Pacific Time. I will leave the remaining time zones as an exercise for my European readers. (Hello, Corrie!) Once we hit the shop floor today we were in “understand the current situation” mode. It […]

Shingijutsu Kaizen Seminar – Day 1

As I mentioned in the last post, this is the third time I have been through one of these events. The first time was in 1998, then again in late 2000, now in 2008 – so it has been a while. As you may or may not know, the company that was Shingijutsu back in […]

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