10 Days in The Netherlands

Over the weekend I returned from a 10 day visit to The Netherlands as a guest of Blom Consultancy.

I am still compiling my experiences, and will be sharing them with you as I do so. (You already have one of them in the previous post.)

However the purpose of this post is specifically to give a big “Dank je wel” to the people at Blom and several of their clients who made my stay something I will never forget.

A special thanks goes to Corrie and Margareth for making this trip happen, and to Corrie, Margareth and Anton for hosting me in your homes and allowing me to get to know you and your families that much better.

3 Replies to “10 Days in The Netherlands”

  1. Dear Mark,
    I’d like you to know I’m still inspired by your lecture on Wednesday last week in Rotterdam. Somehow your stories touched me and that makes me read my notes over and over again, discovering more knowledge and practical usable input every time. My brain keeps on puzzling to get all the Lean pieces more and more in the right places.
    So THANK YOU very much for sharing! It felt like a very pleasant Lean boost.
    Marieke Kooiman

  2. Mark – curious to read your thoughts. I also, as you know, spent some time in The Netherlands and our time overlapped a bit. I still need to compile notes and blog about my wonderful time there too.


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