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Coast Guard logoTo my readers in United States Coast Guard aviation:

I know you are a small community and the tragic crash of an MH-60 helicopter off the coast of Washington State this week has affected you all. I want to take a moment to publicly express my sympathies to, not only the immediate families, but the extended family, of LT Sean Kruger, AMT1 Adam Hoke and AMT2 Bret Banks, as well as wishing LT Lance Leone a speedy recovery.

To my other readers: Last summer I had the privilege to spend a couple of days at the U.S. Coast Guard’s Aviation Logistics Center taking a look at their helicopter overhaul operation. I saw a group of people who are totally dedicated to providing the best service they can to their customers, and by extension, to the rest of us who spend any time on or near the water.

That this incident happened, not searching for a sinking crab boat in the Bering sea, but rather on a nice day during a “routine” ferry flight reminds us all of the dangerous work they do every day.

Find a Coastie and thank him or her for their service.

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  1. Hi Mark,

    Very nice post!

    My oldest is a 4th class cadet at the US Coast Guard Academy (actually right now, he’s considered a “Swab”). The CG is truly an impressive organization, filled with extremely dedicated people of character.

    Semper Paratus.

  2. I watched a good movie this past weekend – The Guardian which did a nice job of showing the Coast Guard at work. It is a Hollywood movie (so it isn’t like a documentary) but I enjoyed it.

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