Lego Moonshine

In the Production Preparation Process (3P) we use the term “moonshine” to refer to process of rapid prototyping and iteration. The team creates concepts and tries them out quickly and cheaply in order to learn more.

Today we have some really powerful tools available to do this. One of them is Lego Technic. It is versatile and modular, and you can make machines that actually work.

But the spirit of moonshine means you don’t just think up a complete machine and build it.

Moonshine is a progressive process of adding automation step by step. The final characteristics of the equipment emerge from the process rather than everything being designed from the get-go and just built.

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  1. So playing with Legos is no longer just for kids! Truth be told, the Technics stuff has been growing in complexity and capability for about 10 years now. Some of the kits that they sell almost require a college degree to put together. The 3D Mill really knocks one out of the park though.

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