Year of the Dragon

forbidden-city-dragon-200-squareHappy New Year for the Year of the Dragon to all of my Chinese friends around the world.

January 23 is the New Year. This message is timed to appear at midnight, Beijing time, as the fireworks are reaching a crescendo.

I look at the time I spent in China as a period of great personal growth and learning.

As a bonus, I got to know the culture, aspirations, conflicts and the fabric of life there.

The relationships from that time still impact my life in very real ways every day.

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  1. ????!
    Let me add my voice to yours, Mark. Nice how you timed the appearance of your message. It’s also a fitting reminder to most of us in the West (who are oblivious to the lunar year) that China and its culture deserves a more prominent place in our daily thinking. It’s hard to over estimate the value of the opportunities, lessons, and richness there. -z

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