The Weird Stuff We Notice

Monday and Tuesday I had lunch in the client’s facility.

I had the same sandwich, prepared by the same worker each day.

Monday he put the mayo directly on the chicken salad, on his left.

Tuesday he put the mayo in the other piece of bread on his right.

Then I smiled at myself wondering why on Earth I even noticed that, all the while conversing about something unrelated.

Note to self: get brain checked and turn down the gain a bit.  🙂

4 Replies to “The Weird Stuff We Notice”

  1. I have the same “problem”. After years of “observation” i find it extremely difficult to tune stuff out. I’ll usually make a comment to my wife who then gives me this “seriously, our kid is trying to eat a crayon over here and you cant get past the table arrangement…” glare. Then i pretend to stop noticing for a while. But on the inside…i’m dying…slowly.

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