Job Instruction for Risk Reduction

I stumbled across this PDF file on The Hanover Group’s web site:

“Job Instruction Training (JIT): Controlling Your Workers’ Compensation Costs Through a Better Work Environment.”

The page essentially summarizes the contents of the TWI Job Instruction pocket card.

There is a reference at the bottom saying to “Access our policyholder education safety series online at” but I can’t find the link on the main site. It might be buried in a section only available to policy holders, or this PDF might be an orphan page that the Google bot found.

Regardless of the backstory on the Hannover site, it indicates that at least someone in the insurance industry understands the importance of consistent training as a prerequisite to consistent job performance, as a prerequisite to consistent job results.

Remember: Your front line leaders are teaching every day. If you want to know what they are teaching, go look at what their people are doing.

Also remember that your managers are teaching the front line leaders what is important. If you want to know what the manages consider important, go look at what the front line leaders emphasize.

If you don’t like what you see, consider changing what, and how, YOU are teaching. But we discussed that a while ago.

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